Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sticking to our values

We believe that we have pretty exciting jobs at Shaw Treatment. Not only do we feel empowered by the fact that we're donating money to support relief in Africa, but we also feel empowered and obligated to go the extra mile when it comes to our products.

It would be pretty easy for us to just toss out 10 new products without any regard for the ingredients, packaging or benefits. But that's not what we're about.

Every product that we put out has been carefully thought through. We weigh a variety of factors when creating something new.

Here's a case in point.

Over the holidays we experimented with several new soaps and natural oil fragrances so we could add to our soap line in January and February.

We came up with some pretty pleasant fragrances. In fact we fell in love with the combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla.

That was it! Sandalwood and vanilla would become the next fragrance and product line to grace the pages of which would be followed by tea tree and lemongrass.

But then a problem came to our attention as we began to research supply sources for sandalwood.

It seems that sandalwood trees are under threat of over farming. In fact, the best sandalwood comes from 50-80 year old trees. And instead of tapping the tree for oil or using its leaves, the entire tree is cut down, and the chips are used to extract the precious oil. The hunt is constantly on for wild trees as very few farms exist since the timing just isn't in a farmers favour.

POW! Just like that , we scrapped the whole sandalwood and vanilla line. There exist only a few bars as a remnant and we felt obliged to share it with you here in our blog.

Our dedication and adherence to our core values and mission isn't just for show - we actually believe all that stuff we wrote.

We've recently posted our values for you to review. ~B

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